2017.8.1 Verdi Requiem @ Opera Holland Park

オペラ・ホーランドパークが企画したグレンフェル公営高層アパート大火事犠牲者のための追悼コンサートで、日英合唱団有志12名がオペラ・ホーランドパークのオペラコーラスに合流し、追悼と生存した家族への募金活動に微力ながら貢献させていただきました。 On Tues, Aug 1st, 12 Members of UK Japan Choir took part in the Memorial Concert for the victims of Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster by Opera Holland Park's performance of Verdi's Requiem where singers joined over 90 professional opera chorus. It has raised over 40,000 pounds to the survivors and family of the residents. Int'l soloists and Orchestra of Opera Holland Park, all of whom donated their time and talent gave a powerful and most moving performance of the music. Verdi Requiem participants of UK J members @Opera Holland Park - from Cambridge, Leicester and London.

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