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Clicking 'PDF', you can view, print and download sheet music.
You can download music scores and print them as long as you use them for your private use only.
Please be sure not to distribute them to out side of our choir.
Some music should change, please be sure you have the latest.

Clicking 'YouTube', you can view performance videos.
Clicking 'Sound file', you can listen rehearsal recordings.


「Sound file」をクリックすると、練習の録音が聞けます。

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markTitle 曲名video 動画リンクFile ファイルnoteupdated 更新日
markTitle 曲名video 動画リンクFile ファイルnoteupdated 更新日
 Blessed be the God and Father YouTube PDF Samuel Sebastian Wesley 26 January 2017 
 When I survey the wondrous cross YouTube romanised version Hymn 22 January 2017 
 God so loved the world YouTube PDF John Stainer 26 January 2017 
 This joyful Eastertide YouTube PDF Hymn 26 January 2017 
 Open thou mine eyes YouTube PDF John Rutter 26 January 2017 
new Almighty and Everlasting God  sound file Orlando Gibbons 15 February 2017 
 April is in my mistress’ face YouTube PDF Thomas Morley/ Madrigal 26 January 2017 
 Now is the month of Maying YouTube PDF Thomas Morley/ Madrigal 26 January 2017 
 A Gaelic blessing YouTube PDF John Rutter 26 January 2017 
new Now is the month of Maying  sound file Thomas Morley/ Madrigal  
 The Mystery of Divine Humiliation YouTube PDF Hymn 26 January 2017 
 The Lord bless you and keep you YouTube PDF John Rutter 26 January 2017 
 Almighty and Everlasting God YouTube PDF Orlando Gibbons 26 January 2017 
 For the love of Jesus ( All for Jesus ) YouTube PDF Hymn 26 January 2017 
new April is in my mistress’ face  sound file Thomas Morley/ Madrigal 15 February 2017 
 Cantique de Jean Racine YouTube PDF Gabriel Faure 26 January 2017 
 The Silver Swan YouTube PDF Orlando Gibbons/ Madrigal 26 January 2017 
 When I survey the wondrous cross YouTube Japanese Hymn 26 January 2017 
Showing 18 items