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[Messiah]Concert notice

posted 23 Nov 2016, 16:08 by Yasuko N
Please check the following Stands & Sits of Messiah. Please enter markings in your copy, so that you know exactly when to stand and when to sit. Also final cuts (of Choruses) are: 22, 25, 35, 37, 39 and 51. Please mark these cuts clearly as you are likely to have all sorts of markings of previous performances.


Messiah   December 3rd 2016  5.00 pm

Stands and Sits

Part 1

Assemble in corridor : Basses then Tenors, Altos, Sopranos –remember who is next to you, on either side
Take places and sit down individually
At entrance of soloists  Stand
Sit when conductor indicates

Pg 10 end Stand
Pg 18 Sit
Pg 27 Stand at bar 151  Sopranos keen and ready
Pg 40 remain standing
Pg 49 Sit at end
Pg 54 Stand at end
Pg 64 Sit at end
Pg 65 Stand at Fine (bar 11 2nd time)
Pg 72 Sit at end
Pg 85 Stand at end  Sopranos alert
Pg 90 Stay standing for any applause, then individually free to go out

Interval  20 minutes

Part 2
Return to places individually
Stand at entrance of soloists
Sit when indicated 

Pg 94 Stand at bar 8 the second time, after Da Capo
After Pg 101 remember to turn immediately to Pg 106  All we like Sheep
Pg 113 Remain standing
Pg 121 Sit 
Pg 126 Stand at end
Pg 127 It doesn’t matter if 1sts and 2nds are not standing adjacently, sing your part from wherever you are, some altos will also be singing 2nd Soprano
Pg 133 Sit
Turn to Pg 155
Pg 159 Stand at bar 68  Letter D   Tenors alert
Pg 166 Sit at end
Pg 170 Stand at end
Halleluiah  : ask your audience friends to STAND , join in if they wish
Pg 180 Sit

Conductor sits and a Pause only

Part 3
Pg 185 Stand quietly at end, when indicated
Pg 188 Sit
Pg 216 Stand at end

NB   If conductor forgets, then sit or stand appropriately
Be ready for Photographs in various combinations. Look happy, with audience eye contact.